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Welcome to the Pacific NW Region Programming Contest! The Pacific NW Region is comprised of the following areas: Alaska, Hawaii, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, northern/central California and western Nevada. Because of the large geographic area of the region, the contest is held simultaneously at multiple sites: Northern California, Oregon, E. WA and Idaho, Western Washington, Canada, and Hawaii.

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2019 PacNW Contest


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2019 SITES:

2019 Final Standings
November 9, 2019

The Top 10 (Div I):
1 University of British California (U British Columbia)
2 UBC x€R=>x<43252003274489856000 (U British Columbia)
3 Berkeley Blue (UC Berkeley)
4 Combo (U of Washington)
5 Stanford Cardinal (Stanford)
6 UBC O(1) (UBCO) 
7 UBC ._.z (U British Columbia)
8 Berkeley Gold (UC Berkeley)
9 King Gesar (U of Washington)
10 UBC 11:11 (U British Columbia)
The Top 10 (Div II):
1 Berkeley Radicals (UC Berkeley)
2 Ursi (UC Berkeley)
3 Berserkers (UC Berkeley)
4 Foothill1 (Foothill)
5 BC O(:^)) (U British Columbia)
6 Hornet 5 (CSUS)
7 PLU2 (PLU)
8 We Require Additional Python (San Jose State University)
9 DigiPen-BLACK (DigiPen)
10 UBC while(*pass_the++ = *baton++); (U British Columbia)

Final Standings Link

2019 Site Champions:
  • Northern California 
    • Div 1: University of British California (U British Columbia)
    • Div 2: Berkeley Radicals (UC Berkeley)
  • Oregon: 
    • Div 1: Kleene Stars (OSU)
    • Div 2: UCC (UCC)
  • Western Wash: 
    • Div 1: Combo (U of Washington)
    • Div 2: PLU2 (PLU)
  • Canada (BC): 
    • Div 1: UBC x€R=>x<43252003274489856000 (U British Columbia)
    • Div 2: UBC O(:^)) (U British Columbia)
  • Hawaii:
    • Div 1: #00FF00 (HPU)
    • Div 2: #0000FF (HPU)
  • Eastern Washington: 
    • Div 1: Whitworth Corsairs (Whitworth) 
    • Div 2: Whitworth Software Pirates (Whitworth)

THANK YOU to our wonderful 2019 site director volunteers:
  • Simon Fraser - Binay Bhattacharya, Bobby Chan
  • University of Puget Sound - Adam Smith
  • George Fox University - Brent Wilson
  • Cogswell College - Mohan Shah
  • Brigham Young University, Hawaii - Geoff Draper
  • Whitworth - Kent Jones
If you still have questions or require special information not found here, email the contest director: Tom Capaul (tcapaul@ewu.edu)