2015 ACM-ICPC Pacific North West Contest

Northeast Site D2 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1Vandal Silver (U of I)71172
2Buccanners (Whitworth)6628
3EAGLE > Drone (EWU)6762
4Baby Seal club (WSU)6776
5f(x) (Gonzaga U.)6914
6OffTheHookException (EWU)5725
7Eagle White (EWU)5748
8Corsairs (Whitworth)51034
9Screaming Eagles (EWU)51120
10Code Till We Die (Gonzaga U.)4608
11The Eagle Has Landed (EWU)2271
12Zags B31736 (Gonzaga U.)1127
13Marauders (Whitworth)1274
14Privateers (Whitworth)00
14Zags 002967 (Gonzaga U.)00
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