Pacific NW Region - Final Standings - 11/10/01

Rank Team Citation
1 Stanford University=>Stanford Red First Place
2 University of California at Berkeley=>Berkeley Blue Second Place
3 University of California at Berkeley=>Berkeley Gold Third Place
4 University of California at Berkeley=>Berkeley Radicals (#3) Fourth Place
5 Stanford University=>Stanford White Fifth Place
6 University of British Columbia=>UBC 1 Sixth Place
7 University of British Columbia=>UBC 0 Seventh Place
8 University of California, Davis=>Davis Beta Eighth Place
9 Trinity Western University=>TWU Team 1 Ninth Place
10 University of Oregon=>UO3 Rhyolite Tenth Place
11 Eastern Washington University=>Eagle 2 Eleventh Place
12 Simon Fraser University=>SFU Blue Twelfth Place
13 University of Oregon=>UO1 Basalt Thirteenth Place
14 Pacific Lutheran University=>PLUTron0 Fourteenth Place
15 Simon Fraser University=>SFU Red Fifteenth Place
16 Diablo Valley College=>DVC Red Vikings Sixteenth Place
17 University of California Santa Cruz=>Cyber Slugs II Seventeenth Place
18 California State University Chico=>Chico Wildcats 2 Eighteenth Place
19 University of Nevada, Reno=>UNR Blue Nineteenth Place
20 University of Washington=>University of Washington Gold Twentieth Place
21 Western Washington University=>Viking 2 Twenty-first Place
22 University of California Santa Cruz=>Cyber Slugs III Twenty-second Place
23 California State University, Sacramento=>Hornet 3 Twenty-third Place
24 City College of San Francisco=>CCSF 1 Twenty-fourth Place
25 DeVry Institute of Technology=>DeVry 1 Twenty-fifth Place
26 University of California Santa Cruz=>Cyber Slugs Twenty-sixth Place
27 British Columbia Institute of Technology=>While(1); Twenty-seventh Place
28 Gonzaga University=>GU Blue Twenty-eighth Place
29 Diablo Valley College=>DVC Blue Vikings Twenty-ninth Place
30 Stanford University=>Stanford #3 Thirtieth Place
31 Pacific Lutheran University=>PLUTron1 Thirty-first Place
32 California State University, Sacramento=>Hornet 1 Thirty-second Place
33 Lewis & Clark College=>Seg. Fault Thrity-third Place
34 Eastern Washington University=>Eagle 1 Thirty-fourth Place
35 University of Washington=>Univ of Washington Purple Thirty-fifth Place
36 University of California, Davis=>Davis Gamma Thirty-sixth Place
37 University of California, Davis=>Davis Alpha Thirty-seventh Place
38 Gonzaga University=>GU Zags Thirty-eighth Place
39 George Fox University=>George Fox Blue Thirty-ninth Place
40 George Fox University=>George Fox Gold Fortieth Place
41 University of the Pacific=>Pacific Tigers Beta Forty-first Place
42 University of San Francisco=>Gold Forty-second Place
43 University of Alaska, Fairbanks=>UAF - % man which Forty-third Place
43 University of the Pacific=>Pacific Tigers Gamma Forty-third Place
45 Whitworth College=>Whitworth Pirates Forty-fifth Place
46 Western Oregon University=>The Pack Forty-sixth Place
47 University of San Francisco=>Green Forty-seventh Place
48 Oregon State University=>OSU Black Forty-eighth Place
49 California State University Chico=>Chico Wildcats 1 Forty-ninth Place
50 University of Nevada, Reno=>UNR Silver Fiftieth Place
51 University of Portland=>PilotsPurple Fifty-first Place
52 Oregon State University=>OSU Orange Fifty-second Place
53 Diablo Valley College=>DVC Green Vikings Fifty-third Place
54 University of Portland=>3AutoPilots Fifty-fourth Place
55 Yuba Community College=>Yuba 1 Fifty-fifth Place
56 City College of San Francisco=>CCSF 2 Fifty-sixth Place
57 Western Washington University=>Viking 1 Fifty-seventh Place
58 California State University, Sacramento=>Hornet 2 Fifty-eighth Place
59 University of Nevada, Reno=>UNR White#3 Fifty-ninth Place
60 California State University Fresno=>CSUF B Sixtieth Place
61 Yuba Community College=>Yuba 2 Sixty-first Place
62 University of the Pacific=>Pacific Tigers Alpha Sixty-second Place
63 Humboldt State University=>Axe Handlers Sixty-third Place
64 University of Idaho=>Core Dump Sixty-forth Place
65 Whitworth College=> Whitworth Buccaneers Sixty-fifth Place
66 Gonzaga University=>GU White Sixty-sixth Place
67 University of Portland=>U. P. Yours Sixty-seventh Place
68 British Columbia Institute of Technology=>BCIT(3) Sixty-eighth Place
68 British Columbia Institute of Technology=>sleep(0); Sixty-eighth Place
68 California State University Fresno=>CSUF A Sixty-eighth Place
68 George Fox University=>George Fox #3 Sixty-eighth Place
68 Humboldt State University=>Ee-- Sixty-eighth Place
68 Lewis & Clark College=>Core Dump Sixty-eighth Place
68 Oregon State University=>OSU Beaver Sixty-eighth Place
68 Trinity Western University=>TWU Team 2 Sixty-eighth Place
68 University of Oregon=>UO2 Obsidian Sixty-eighth Place
68 Western Oregon University=>The Wolves Sixty-eighth Place