The 2012 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

N. California - Stanford University per Site Standings

Overall Standings

Group RankNameSolvedTime
1Stanford Cardinal (Stanford U)10756
2Stanford Red (Stanford U)101060
3Berkeley Blue (UC Berkeley)8921
4Stanford White (Stanford U)7885
5Berkeley Gold (UC Berkeley)7974
6Berkeley Bears (UC Berkeley)5617
7Berkley Radicals (UC Berkeley)4285
8Hornet 1 (CSUS)4324
9UNRTeam1 (UNR)4383
10Stanford Band (Stanford U)4446
11Pacific Black (UOP)4459
12Spartan Blue (SJSU)4519
13Hornet 5 (CSUS)4595
14java slugs (UCSC)3107
15WildCat 1 (CSU Chico)3143
16Hornet 2 (CSUS)3150
17Stanford Tree (Stanford U)3162
18Pacific Orange (UOP)3237
19WildCat 2 (CSU Chico)3260
20Davis Gold (UC Davis)3396
21WildCat 5 (CSU Chico)3431
22Davis Blue (UC Davis)3454
23binary slugs (UCSC)3486
24Vikings 2 (DVC)3492
25Vikings 1.1 (DVC)3503
26CSU Fresno Computer Science (CSUFresno)3611
27Hornet 4 (CSUS)2113
28Battalion Zed (Sonoma State)2234
29WildCat 3 (CSU Chico)2397
30WildCat 4 (CSU Chico)166
31Flying Vikings (Sonoma State)1165
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