The 2012 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Canada - University of British Columbia per Site Standings

Overall Standings

Group RankNameSolvedTime
1UBC ! (U British Columbia)91186
2SFU Royal (SFU)81280
3SFU Cardinal (SFU)7477
4UVic White (UVic)6595
5UBC ^ (U British Columbia)6908
6UBC + (U British Columbia)6951
7SFU Amethyst (SFU)5253
8UBC * (U British Columbia)5469
9SFU Ivory (SFU)4255
10UVic Blue (UVic)391
11UBC ~ (U British Columbia)3194
12UNBC B (UNBC)3204
13UNBC A (UNBC)3229
14SFU Magenta (SFU)3243
15UNBC C (UNBC)3354
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