The 2012 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Puget Sound - Western Washington University per Site Standings

Overall Standings

Group RankNameSolvedTime
1UW Psychokinesis (U of Washington)6844
256189456 (U of Washington)5691
3Stone Code Killas (U of Washington)3184
4O(0) (U of Washington)3248
5Honey Badgers (U of Washington)3261
6Q, Q and Q (UW Tacoma)3282
7WWU Epsilon (WWU)3311
8Sled Coders (UW Tacoma)3337
9WWU Delta Force (WWU)3403
10WWU Beta (WWU)3406
11WWU Gamma (WWU)3411
12WWU Alpha (WWU)3446
13Knuth Said (UW Tacoma)3467
14WICS (UW Tacoma)2215
15Code it Forward (UW Tacoma)2338
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