The 2012 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Northwest - University of Portland per Site Standings

Overall Standings

Group RankNameSolvedTime
1ICan'tBelieveIt'sNotBabbage! (Willamette)3140
2Cybernetic Dinosaurs (Linfield)3161
3longcat (UP)3167
4GFU-#FFD700 (George Fox)3225
5PLU-3 (PLU)3227
6Linfield 1 ()3229
7rubber duck debugging (U of Oregon)3259
8Break Dancers (George Fox)3277
9Damsels of Doom (George Fox)3288
10Linfield 2 (Linfield)3291
11PLU-2 (PLU)3351
12ducks in a row (U of Oregon)3404
13Mooselodge (UP)3415
14Pioneer-1 (Lewis & Clark)3418
15Linfield 5 (Linfield)3453
16PLU-1 (PLU)3483
17from ducks import team (U of Oregon)3570
18Purple (UP)269
19Pioneer-0 (Lewis & Clark)2143
20Dynamic Duo (George Fox)2148
21To Be Determined (UP)2167
22Linfield 4 (Linfield)2217
23Thunderfoot (UP)2219
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