2018 ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional Programming Contest

Canada - Simon Fraser University D2 per Site Standings

Group RankNameSolvedTime
1D2_SFU_Magenta (SFU)101035
2D2 UBC p_Y(y)=P(Y=y) (U British Columbia)101299
3D2 UBC WLOG (U British Columbia)9692
4D2 Forked (UNBC)8757
5D2 OC1 The Any Keys (OC)8790
6D2 Stacked (UNBC)7742
7D2 OC2 Phishing4Bits (OC)6634
8D2 sadpandas (Thompson Rivers U)6736
9D2 Hashed (UNBC)6838
10D2 OC3 Team !Cool (OC)5581
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