2018 ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional Programming Contest

N. California - UC Berkeley D2 per Site Standings

Group RankNameSolvedTime
1D2 De Anza AKT (De Anza)9969
2D2 Farfalle Code (Cogswell)81415
3D2 Harry Otter and the Half-Pup Prince (CSUMB)7661
4D2 - CSUS Hornet 4 (CSUS)7768
5D2 Harry Otter and the Goblet of Fish (CSUMB)71125
6D2 De Anza BDJ (De Anza)71224
7D2_wildcat3 (CSU Chico)6412
8D2 De Anza KLZ (De Anza)6783
9D2 Harry Otter and the Order of the Porpoise (CSUMB)6815
10D2 NoMoreHex (UOP)6876
11D2 - CSUS Hornet 2 (CSUS)61158
12D2 De Anza LMT (De Anza)5482
13D2 Harry Otter and the Chamber of Seacrets (CSUMB)4456
14D2 Harry Otter and the Sea Lion's Stone (CSUMB)4709
15D2 Mom's Spaghetti Code (Cogswell)4833
16D2 - CSUS Hornet 3 (CSUS)3286
17D2 Hashlings (Cogswell)3367
18D2 Hashing Slashers (Cogswell)3554
19D2tan(gerine) (UOP)2168
20D2Error404 (UOP)00
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