2018 ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional Programming Contest

Eastern Washington - Whitworth University D2 per Site Standings

Group RankNameSolvedTime
1D2 Eagle Red (EWU)6456
2D2 Hackstreet_Girls (EWU)6548
3D2 Red Squadron (EWU)6737
4D2 Rule of Three (Gonzaga U.)6993
5D2 Eagle White (EWU)5720
6D2 Screaming Eagles (EWU)5874
7D2: Whitworth Q.E.D. (Whitworth)4277
8D2 Struct By Lightning (EWU)4776
9D2 UI Coders (U of I)41003
10D2 Resume Builders (EWU)2320
11D2 UI Programmers (U of I)00
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