2021 ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Canada D2 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1d2_SFU_Honeydew (SFU) (Canada D2)81094
2D2 Vanier (U British Columbia) (Canada D2)6625
3d2_SFU_Olive (SFU) (Canada D2)61002
4D2 0xDEADBEEF (U British Columbia) (Canada D2)5768
5D2 R2 (U British Columbia) (Canada D2)4570
6D2 X-men (Trinity Western) (Canada D2)3364
7D2 Code to Joy (Trinity Western) (Canada D2)3491
8d2_SFU_Cyan (SFU) (Canada D2)2393
9D2 0xFEEDF00D (U British Columbia) (Canada D2)129
10D2 RSP (U British Columbia) (Canada D2)00
10D2 UVic 1 (University of Victoria) (Canada D2)00
10d2_SFU_White (SFU) (Canada D2)00
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