2021 ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

California D2 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1D2Ursi5 (UC Berkeley) (California D2)121451
2D2 Chainsaw Wielders (UCSC) (California D2)6387
3D2 The Slugs (UCSC) (California D2)6510
4D2 Bubb (De Anza) (California D2)61059
5D2 Noobies (UCSC) (California D2)61157
6D2Ursi1 (UC Berkeley) (California D2)5453
7D2Ursi2 (UC Berkeley) (California D2)5536
8D2 Otters1 (CSUMB) (California D2)5778
9D2_wildcat11 (CSU Chico) (California D2)4512
10D2 Ordered Triple (UC Davis) (California D2)4561
11D2 Cheeseman (De Anza) (California D2)4673
12D2 Nhan's Fanclub (UCSC) (California D2)4958
13(D2) Team Spark (CSUS) (California D2)3419
14D2_wildcat10 (CSU Chico) (California D2)3803
15D2 Baldwin (De Anza) (California D2)273
16D2 Hoefler (De Anza) (California D2)274
17D2 Dehart (De Anza) (California D2)2107
18(D2) Superimposed (CSUS) (California D2)2147
19D2 Kirsch (De Anza) (California D2)2148
20(D2) Leetcode? What's that? (CSUS) (California D2)2219
21D2 Flint (De Anza) (California D2)2220
22D2 Otters3 (CSUMB) (California D2)2228
23(D2) BGS (CSUS) (California D2)2259
24D2 TTT (UC Davis) (California D2)2281
25D2_wildcat13 (CSU Chico) (California D2)2527
26D2 Hinson (De Anza) (California D2)2828
27D2 Euphrat (De Anza) (California D2)140
28D2_wildcat15 (CSU Chico) (California D2)1146
29D2 Stelling (De Anza) (California D2)1194
30D2 Otters2 (CSUMB) (California D2)1264
31D2_wildcat16 (CSU Chico) (California D2)1287
32(D2) Team 0.00 (CSUS) (California D2)00
32D2 Farm (Stanford) (California D2)00
32D2 Jackrabbit (Stanford) (California D2)00
32D2 team6 (California D2)00
32D2_wildcat12 (CSU Chico) (California D2)00
32D2_wildcat14 (CSU Chico) (California D2)00
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