2021 ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Washington D2 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1D2 Chudley Cannons (U of Washington) (Washington D2)6741
2D2 TeamNotFoundException (U of Washington) (Washington D2)5741
3D2 PLU's Lovelace crew (PLU) (Washington D2)4400
4D2 UWT Dawgs (UW Tacoma) (Washington D2)4730
5D2 WWU Blue (WWU) (Washington D2)4958
6D2DigiPen0 (DigiPen) (Washington D2)41131
7D2 Runtime Terror (UW Tacoma) (Washington D2)3528
8D2 Z-Space Invaders (EWU) (Washington D2)3720
9D2 Random Number Generated (UW Tacoma) (Washington D2)2115
10D2 PLU's Panini Posse (PLU) (Washington D2)2164
11D2 PLU’s Conway Crew - Part 2: Electric Chip Boogaloo on Ice and Tronaction Too (PLU) (Washington D2)2307
12D2 WWU Waves (WWU) (Washington D2)2316
13D2 WWU Bricks (WWU) (Washington D2)2331
14D2 No Exceptions (UW Tacoma) (Washington D2)2368
15D2 PLU's Von Neumann Crew (PLU) (Washington D2)2417
16D2 PLU’s Hopper Herd (PLU) (Washington D2)2444
17D2DigiPen1 (DigiPen) (Washington D2)161
18D2 BidoofGang (UW Tacoma) (Washington D2)00
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