2019 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Oregon - George Fox University D1 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1Kleene Stars (OSU)3285
2Unfinished Projects (OSU)3499
3UO off by one (U of Oregon)2119
4LC Grace Hopper Death Squad (Lewis & Clark)2140
5D1 UP to date (UP)2315
6D1 UP to no good (UP)2342
7willCodeForRamen (George Fox)117
8After three day without programming, life becomes meaningless. (George Fox)138
9Putin on the Ritz (PacificU)145
10one duck two duck (U of Oregon)176
11The Pumping Dilemmas (OSU)1130
12LC Lasagna Legacy (Lewis & Clark)00
12LC Stack Overthrow (Lewis & Clark)00
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