2019 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Eastern Washington - Whitworth University D2 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1D2 - Whitworth Software Pirates (Whitworth)7939
2D2 Struct By Lightning (EWU)6621
3D2 Who's ASCIIng (Gonzaga U.)6754
4D2 Boomers (Gonzaga U.)6792
5D2 – Hyl1a (Whitworth)6992
6D2 Triple Threat (EWU)5690
7D2 The Benchwarmers (EWU)5874
8D2 Null Pointer Exception (EWU)4429
9D2 Eagle Red (EWU)4522
10D2 - Whitworth TCT (Whitworth)4527
11D2 CatLab >^..^< (EWU)4720
12D2 - Whitworth S'cod Bucs (Whitworth)4826
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