2019 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

N. California - Cogswell College D1 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1University of British California (U British Columbia)131763
2Berkeley Blue (UC Berkeley)101406
3Stanford Cardinal (Stanford)91407
4Berkeley Gold (UC Berkeley)81167
5Stanford White (Stanford)6935
6Stanford Red (Stanford)5798
7Stanford Tree (Stanford)4639
8Wildcat_2 (CSU Chico)3399
9Hornet 2 (CSUS)3566
10Stanford Band (Stanford)3675
11Wildcat_3 (CSU Chico)2250
12Wildcat_1 (CSU Chico)2267
13Wildcat_4 (CSU Chico)2273
14J++ (CSUS)120
15Hornet 1 (CSUS)151
16D1 PrinceTay (Cogswell)1220
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