2019 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Oregon - George Fox University D2 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1D2 UCC (UCC)8835
2D2: Team1 (OSU)8946
3D2 teamName.cpp (Linfield)7541
4D2 - We are freshman... what are we supposed to do? (George Fox)71021
5D2 Team123 (Linfield)71224
6D2: Git Gud (PacificU)6588
7D2 UP to code (UP)6640
8D2 UP to our ears (UP)6835
9D2: Strongly Connected Components (PacificU)6964
10D2: Runtime Terror (PacificU)5584
11D2 - Bozo Brigade (George Fox)5778
12D2 return to_sleep; (Linfield)3341
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