2019 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Canada - Simon Fraser University D1 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1UBC x€R=>x<43252003274489856000 (U British Columbia)111375
2UBC O(1) (UBCO)8988
3UBC ._.z (U British Columbia)81092
4UBC 11:11 (U British Columbia)6894
5SFU_Aqua (SFU)6966
6UBC Red Whistles (U British Columbia)5493
7SFU_Burgundy (SFU)4376
8SFU_Fuchsia (SFU)4687
9iRational Agents (Thompson Rivers University)115
10Oreo Cookie (Thompson Rivers University)119
11Please Please Hire Me! (Thompson Rivers University)123
12UVic Blue (University of Victoria)125
13Super Math Bros (Thompson Rivers University)129
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