2019 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Hawaii - BYUH, Laie, Oahu D2 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1D2 #0000FF (HPU)6894
2D2-UHM2 (UH Manoa)5663
3D2 #FF0000 (HPU)4526
4D2 = 1 Bit Short of a Byte (UH-Hilo)4615
5D2 #00FFFF (HPU)4619
6D2 Seasiders (BYU Hawaii)3201
7D2 ☣ (BYU Hawaii)3524
8D2 Drapers Raiders (BYU Hawaii)3604
9D2 #000000 (HPU)2106
10D2 schwifty (BYU Hawaii)2156
11D2-UHM3 (UH Manoa)2425
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