The 2013 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

N. California Site per Site Standings

Overall Standings

Group RankNameSolvedTime
1Berkeley Blue (UC Berkeley)101095
2Stanford Cardinal (Stanford)9893
3Stanford Red (Stanford)9933
4Berkeley Gold (UC Berkeley)6616
5Berkeley Bears (UC Berkeley)6656
6Stanford Band (Stanford)6676
7Stanford White (Stanford)6837
8Berkeley Radicals (UC Berkeley)6938
9Stanford Tree (Stanford)5441
10Classy~ (UOP)5970
11Last Lunch (DVC)4409
12sjsu | dream (SJSU)4472
13NULLS (UC Davis)4684
14Hornet 1 (CSUS)4720
15Hornet 4 (CSUS)4761
16Wildcat 1 (CSU Chico)3122
17It's Not My SegFault (USF)3135
18Hornet 3 (CSUS)3216
19Hornet 2 (CSUS)3224
20Slugs++ (UCSC)3234
21Wildcat 5 (CSU Chico)3294
22Wildcat 4 (CSU Chico)3353
23Wildcat 3 (CSU Chico)3466
24CKL (DVC)3481
25Vikings 1 (DVC)253
26Insane Coding Posse (USF)2386
27Vikings 2 (DVC)2585
28SyntVal (UOP)1141
29BnB Vikings (DVC)00
29Hornet 5 (CSUS)00
29Pocket Rides (UC Davis)00
29Wildcat 2 (CSU Chico)00
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