The 2013 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Oregon Site per Site Standings

Overall Standings

Group RankNameSolvedTime
1G^3 (Lin)5296
2Foobar Fighters (George Fox)4217
3¥( O_O)/ (U of Oregon)4238
4Disciples of Gdonq (Willamette)4257
5duck typing (U of Oregon)4259
6gfu@‾/ (George Fox)4288
7Terminal Vagabond (UP)4300
8Pioneer0 (Lewis & Clark)4345
9Linfield2 (Lin)4348
10Pioneer1 (Lewis & Clark)4358
11youcantnameyourteamthat (U of Oregon)4391
12</Clever Team Name> (UP)4487
13Coding Cadets (George Fox)4668
14Bitwise Bandits (George Fox)4683
15Hashtag YOLO Swag (UP)4706
16Linfield3 (Lin)390
17Linfield5 (Lin)3149
18Y-Not (George Fox)3168
19Pioneer2 (Lewis & Clark)3298
20Linfield4 (Lin)3461
21Team Josh (Willamette)2131
22Reed Dumplings (Reed)00
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