The 2013 Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Puget Sound Site per Site Standings

Overall Standings

Group RankNameSolvedTime
1Lightning (U of Washington)71067
2UW Sonic (U of Washington)6319
3Amgems (U of Washington)6458
4aHBvb3CwBLMBieGyBM2A (U of Washington)5416
5Bit Vector Zero (U of Washington)5714
6The Golden Lutes (PLU)4175
70xa9cdbba5f0 (UW Tacoma)4273
8( Y ) (PLU)4468
9Husky-Bots (UW Tacoma)4556
10Barracoders (PLU)4562
11Team Wumpus (University of Puget Sound)4585
12Lutes for Loops (PLU)4651
13Fl00r w1th OOP (UW Tacoma)3275
14String Cheese Bytes (UW Tacoma)3435
15Banana Hands (University of Puget Sound)2335
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