2017 PacNW Regional Contest

Hawaii - BYUH, Laie, Oahu D2 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1D2 #C0FFEE (HPU)6712
2D2 #0DECAF (HPU)4458
3D2:Reeee (UH Manoa)3322
4D2 Brainstorm (BYU Hawaii)3322
5D2 #FF0000 (HPU)275
6D2 Kording (BYU Hawaii)2102
7D2 CSP's (BYU Hawaii)2105
8D2 #0000FF (HPU)2137
9D2 The Funky Coders (BYU Hawaii)2255
10D2 #DEC0DE (HPU)2323
11D2:monkaS: (UH Manoa)2609
12D2 Trebled Fromps (BYU Hawaii)151
13D2 JSK (BYU Hawaii)1215
14D2 - Good Bye World! (UH-Hilo)00
14D2 Priory Blue (HPU)00
14D2 Priory Green (HPU)00
14D2 Priory Red (HPU)00
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