2017 PacNW Regional Contest

Puget Sound - University of Puget Sound D2 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1D2 UWT 6 (UW Tacoma)6883
2D2 WWU Delta (WWU)5505
3D2 WWU Gamma (WWU)5808
4D2 UWT 2 (UW Tacoma)4451
5D2 WWU Beta (WWU)4579
6D2 Bits Please! (University of Puget Sound)3251
7D2 UWT 3 (UW Tacoma)2118
8D2 0xDEAD10AFE (University of Puget Sound)2202
9D2 UWT 1 (UW Tacoma)2307
10D2 Seattle University team 2 (Seattle U)00
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