2017 PacNW Regional Contest

Canada - University of British Columbia D2 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1D2 UBC\ (U British Columbia)9789
2D2 UBC% (U British Columbia)9908
3D2_SFU_185 (SFU)8467
4D2_SFU_187 (SFU)8549
5D2_SFU_183 (SFU)7367
6D2 Cyan (University of Victoria)7698
7D2_SFU_181 (SFU)7747
8D2 UNBC Stacked (University of Northern British Columbia )7860
9D2 UBC? (U British Columbia)71053
10D2 I need Arrays (OC)6739
11D2 !False (OC)5527
12D2 Red (University of Victoria)5658
13D2 UNBC Forked (University of Northern British Columbia )4235
14D2_UBCO2 (UBCO)00
14D2_UBCO3 (UBCO)00
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