Pacific NW 2020 Regional Contest

Washington D2 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1D2 Vegetable Exploded (U of Washington)8953
2D2 Chudley Cannons (U of Washington)7582
3D2-DigiPen (DigiPen)6755
4D2 Those Who Were Core Dumped (University of Puget)5602
5D2 Handsome Frogs (UW Tacoma)5607
6D2 The Garbage Collectors (UW Tacoma)5610
7D2 Dream Team (Seattle U)5701
8D2 North Idaho College (NIC)5896
9D2 Lute 3 (PLU)51042
10D2 Sathi (Seattle U)2441
11D2 PyCharmers (UW Tacoma)2512
12D2 Big Brainin' (Seattle U)00
12D2 Lute2 (PLU)00
12D2 Runtime Terror (UW Tacoma)00
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