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How do I register a team for the contest?

  • Step 1: 2021/22 Registration for the Pacific Region Contest requires registration at https://icpc.global/. Each team must have a faculty sponsor/advisor(who may also be the coach). Among other things, the sponsor's signature certifies that the team members meet the contest eligibility requirements. the sponsor or the coach (if s/he is a faculty member)must accompany the team to the contest site. That is, each team must be accompanied by a faculty member from their institution.
    • You need to reservea spot by registering your team(s) on-line with at the ICPC global site- up to x teams per school guaranteed.
  • Step 2: Pay for your teams via PayPal via this link: TBA
    • NOTE: Teams will not be accepted on ICPC Global site until payment has been remitted and processed
  • 2021/22 Online reservations must take place by: TBA 

Registration links:

  • Determine if you'd like a team to compete in D1 or D2. if you'd like the team to compete in D2, place a D2 at the beginning of the team name.
    • See the two division FAQ
    • Division 1 (D1) is for teams that are very strong algorithmically.  The D1 problem set will be difficult.  It will be along the lines of a lite version of what you would see at World Finals.  Only D1 teams are eligible for slots in the West Division Final.
    • Division II (D2) is approachable for teams that have not completed the algorithm sequence at their school and/or have not competed in programming contests before.  Almost all problems in D2 can be solved using techniques at the CS1 and CS2 levels.  Most teams in this division have a great chance at solving many problems.  If a team does well in this division this year, that team should try D1 next year!
    • To help determine which division to place a team, examine the Division 1 baseline problems in this zip file (15Mb): Div1BaselineProblems.zip
  • NOTE: If your institution is not registered on the ICPC site, please email the ICPC Global Manager at manager@icpc.global
  • REMINDER: When registering a team that you wish to compete in D2, place D2 at the beginning of the team name. 

If you have questions regarding the online registration process please email the the ICPC Global Manager: manager@icpc.global

Last updated: 7/29/2021